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I spoke to 600 teachers at the annual conference of a large educational institution last month and on the panel later the boss of said institution said “I don’t know why we teach knowledge, when you can look it all up on Google”. It depressed me, as he got applause from his teaching staff. Knowledge continues to get bad rap, yet we think with knowledge, are enriched by knowledge and it from knowledge that many skills and performance emerge. Let me illustrate this with a real example, one in which WildFire was involved.

We used an AI tool to deliver a project to a large multinational with £16 billion in revenue. It’s a travel company and the project delivered 138 modules on the locations for its holidays and flights. Recognising that they could never have produced content on this scale and timescale, as the estimated costs for external development were just under £500,000, and it had to be delivered in weeks not months, they opted for WildFire.

So let’s cut to the quick:

  • 95% rated the design and approach as good or very good
  • 62% confirmed they could identify a specific sale based on knowledge gained

Their knowledge of the countries, locations, attractions, currencies, airport codes and so on was reported, time and time again, by front-line staff as having helped them sell holidays and flights. This is a location-driven business.

  • Total savings, compared to traditional online learning production, were calculated as “£438,000 plus £15,000 in salary costs”
  • Delivery has “freed up 15% of manager time” to do other things.
  • “With a bit of lateral thinking and a lot of tenacity – seemingly impossible timescales were met”
  • 36% increase in sales has already been recognised in the first few months the training has been available”

Within the company the “wider business now recognises the benefits of being bold with new learning technologies” and sees the project as an “outstanding example of achieving our strategy to invest in and develop our people”.

My point is that underlying knowledge really does enable staff in their jobs. In addition, this was a ground-breaking project, delivered without a single face-to-face meeting. It shows what can be achieved when an L&D department is innovative and brave.