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Questions & Answers

Creating courses

What type of content works best?

We have delivered compliance, academic papers, product knowledge, technical training, procedural learning, process learning, management training and corporate communications.

What type of content asset works best?

Any text document, Powerpoint, podcast or video.

Is there a maximum length for my text document?

WildFire works best with chunks of up to 1000 words per module. If the content exceeds 1000 words, we split it into separate modules.

What file types can I submit?

Simply send a text file (any format Word, PDF etc.), PowerPoint or podcast /video URL.

Is there a maximum length for my video?

WildFire works best with chunks of up to 3 or 4 minutes but it can also control the video, to takes portions of the video sequentially, so you can have a series of WildFire modules for longer videos.

What is the production process?

We use a truly agile production process to produce courses for you quickly, in minutes not months, as our AI engine does much of the content design and production. Agile production is also used to keep iterations and process to a minimum. Iterations come in three forms; branding, input and review.

  1. Branding
  2. You provide a graphic for the front page (we can also produce) along with branding guidelines, logo and palette numbers for colours. Quick choices can be made in minutes to brand and select the look and feel of your course, such as button shape and position, and other global options.

  3. Input
  4. To avoid GIGO (Garbage In : Garbage Out), we make sure that the content (document, PowerPoint, podcast or video) results in ‘need to know’ knowledge. This means editing out superfluous material, always a good principle in learning.

  5. Review
  6. We minimise use of SMEs by using already approved assets. This reduces the number of iterations, as we are not altering the original material. It also means that content already approved by lawyers or regulators remains intact and does not need to be re-approved.

How long does it take to produce a course?

Literally minutes not months. The AI does most of the work. Send us a document, Powerpoint, podcast or video and we can get back to you with a course within an hour.

Can we add our branding?

Yes. Unique front-page graphics for each course and branding choices, such as logo, palette colours on the interface are all available, along with other choices on ‘look and feel’.


What learning science has been used in WildFire?

WildFire was built on the basis of recent research in cognitive psychology. Effortful learning is the first principle, the idea that for real retention and recall, the learner has to make actual effort to recall knowledge then input that knowledge into context.

  • That means more ‘open input’ than ‘multiple choice’ questions.
  • Effortful learning also means providing additional links to external content for clarification and/or deeper understanding. Curated content is also possible.
  • Delayed feedback is used, as well as making the learner attain 100% competence. It is not enough, in our view, to accept arbitrary 70% or 80% pass marks.
  • Spaced practice is also available.
  • For video-based learning we have shown that, although video is now widely used in learning, it is rarely enough. We supplement the video with online learning to add the deeper knowledge that is often forgotten when simpluy viewing videos.

Much of this research can be found in the excellent Make It Stick by Brown, Roediger and McDaniel.

What sort of questions does WildFire produce?

WildFire automatically produces open-response questions, as they result in higher retention than multiple choice. However, multiple-choice is also possible.

Does it produce any other form of active learning?

Yes. Links out to Wikipedia are automatically generated by the AI software. We also produce curated content to supplement the learning from YouTube, Ted talks, Khan and so on.

Can courses be edited?

Yes. You can finesse the course by deleting questions, adding questions, allowing synonyms, editing links and many other features.

Is there feedback?

Yes. WildFire identifies progress in terms of Green (known), Amber (nearly known) and Red (unknown). We have gamified progress, so that you repeat all amber and red items until everything is green (known).

Does it work in 3D and VR?

Yes. WildFire courses can be placed within 3D models and viewed, either on 2D screens or within VR. Note that because WildFire can be used with ‘voice only’, it can be delivered in VR without the need to type anything.

What data is gathered?

We can, of course, SCORM wrap your courses for use on your LMS, which will then be subject to SCORM data gathering. Additionally, we can provide a data service that harvests, at a minimum:

  • Unique learner ID
  • City
  • Client
  • Course
  • Operating system
  • Browser
  • Reading time
  • Time started/ended
  • Total time taken
  • Attempts
  • First try score
  • Links used


How has WildFire been used in organisations?

WildFire has been used with different media types, for a range of training, in different training contexts:

Media types

  • Document to online learning
  • PowerPoint to online learning
  • Podcast to online learning
  • Video to online learning
  • 3D environments either on 2D screens or VR

Range of training

  • Induction
  • Compliance
  • Health & safety
  • Statements of Work
  • Technical training
  • Management training
  • Apprentice training

Training contexts

  • On-demand training (LMS/hosted)
  • Pre-workshop (everyone up to date)
  • Post-workshop (retention)
  • Post-conference/event (reinforcement)
  • Quickfire training (emergency)
In what sectors has WildFire been used?
  • Healthcare: NHS and global pharmaceutical companies
  • Finance: Top audit companies such as PwC
  • Consultancies: Global consultancies such as Capgemini
  • Travel & hospitality: Global travel company TUI
  • Manufacturing: Major manufacturing companies


Does it work on various devices?

Yes. WildFire has been optimised for mobile devices and will work on desktop computers, tablets and mobile.

Can I use WildFire with an LMS/VLE?

Yes. WildFire has been integrated into LMSs and uses SCORM 2014 to send data to the LMS.

Model and Pricing

What is the business model?

WildFire is a service and not on sale as a tool. You send us your assets (Documents, PowerPoints, Podcasts, Videos) and we deliver the courses.

What is the pricing?

Our pricing is approximately 10% of the market rate for online learning production, with discounts for volume.