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Why research shows that online learning needs to change

One thing that research in cognitive psychology has gifted to us over the last decade or so, is clear evidence that learners are delusional when it comes to judgements about their own learning. The big name in the field is Bjork, along with many other high quality...

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Wildfire Wins ‘Best Learning Technologies Project’

This Award winning, agile, learning project was groundbreaking (I know – bit of a cliche). We used an AI tool, WildFire, to deliver a project to a large multinational (TUI).  The project delivered 138 modules on the locations for its holidays, flights, airport codes...

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Why does WildFire sponsor a football team?

We sponsor a football team. It’s cool having your company name, WildFire, emblazoned on the shirt fronts, but that’s not the point. The point is – this is the world I came from. I know it well. Without community structure, discipline and sport, many would be...

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